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Beth Ann is a Registered Psychotherapist with a Masters Degree in Counselling Psychology. Through various trainings and over 8+ years of experience, including working with students at Trent University, she has developed skills in Brief, Solution-Focused and Cognitive-Behavioural therapeutic approaches. In 2021 she decided to focus full-time on her private practice: Comfy Chair Counselling. With a particular interest in Adult Attachment, Beth Ann in engaging in intensive training in EFT (Emotionally Focused Therapy) for both individuals and couples. She is excited to share this approach with the Peterborough community.

Beth Ann recognizes that the quality of our close relationships, including the relationship with oneself, has a significant impact on mental health and well-being. That we are more likely to thrive when we feel safely and securely connected to ourself and to one or a few significant other(s). She seeks to offer a safe space for clients to engage in self-exploration and/or relationship development; to process past experiences as they impact current mental health and/or relationship dynamics; and to identify and understand underlying emotions, needs and values - all with the hope of supporting clients towards healing, growth, and deeper connections.

In 2022, Beth Ann launched Comfy Chair Book Club - a therapist-guided space to connect over personal growth books and find support to implement that content into our lives and relationships. Visit the Classes & Groups page for current or upcoming series information, or go to her website (link below) to learn more.

In her spare time Beth Ann enjoys singing and playing the guitar, reading or catching up on the latest TV crime dramas, and spending time in her backyard with her partner and their Silver Lab, Zoey.


Beth Ann Lichti

Registered Psychotherapist (RP)

CRPO Recognized Supervisor

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