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Katherine Stewart Creative Psychotherapy

Katherine is a Registered Psychotherapist and Professional Art Therapist who graduated from the Toronto Art Therapy Institute in 2019.  Katherine passionately believes in the restorative power of the creative process, which allows oneself to discover inner strengths, improve self-awareness, reframe harmful thoughts, build confidence and develop coping strategies. Through the practice of individual talk therapy and art therapy, Katherine offers a client-centered, somatic and experiential approach to adolescents (12+) and adults. Her primary focus is helping clients manage stress, anxiety, and depression.


Katherine’s philosophy is to establish a therapeutic foundation to foster connection, compassion, and creation. She provides a safe, interactive and inspiring environment while supporting the client through their personal journey.


Katherine enjoys spending time in her studio painting and practicing analogue photography. She also loves to refurbish furniture, transform spaces and learn new constructive skills.

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Registered Psychotherapist

Art Therapist 

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