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Jodi is a Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner (NNCP) and a member of the Canadian Association of Natural Nutritional Practitioners. She is a graduate of Alive Academy of Natural Health in British Columbia where she achieved certification as a Holistic Nutritionist. She is a Functional Nutrition Coach and fully certified with Canfitpro as a Healthy Weight Loss Coach, Personal Trainer and Fitness Instructor. She is currently working towards certification as a Forest Therapy Guide with the Global Institute of Forest Therapy (G.I.F.T)

In 2021, Jodi launched Jodi-Lee Nutrition & Wellness and her signature program, The Nourish & Thrive Formula. As a holistic nutritionist she approaches health and healing from a whole-person perspective and seeks to remedy the mind, body, and soul. Focus is on preventive health using natural foods and products as well as looking "upstream" to determine the root cause of an individual's symptoms. She recognizes that the physical/chemical, mental/emotional, as well
as the spiritual/environmental aspects of life are all closely connected and determine your wellness on a daily basis.


As the Founder of the Nourish & Thrive Formula, her specialty is working with women who suffer from burnout and are experiencing anxiety and want to feel better and like themselves again. Without judgement, she meets clients where they’re at on their health journey and strives to help people understand that nutrition and healthy living do not have to be complicated and overwhelming.

In her spare time, you’ll find her outdoors all year long- hiking, mountain biking, snowshoeing and spending time among the trees in the forest. She enjoys her time in her home kitchen cooking and playing with recipes. She is grateful and cherishes the time she gets to spend with friends, family and those who add joy to her life.


Jodi-Lee Forestell

Natural Nutrition Clinical Practitioner

Functional Nutrition Coach

Healthy Weight Loss Coach and Personal Trainer


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