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In young adulthood, we may experience life changes or relationship issues that leave us feeling overwhelmed, alone, confused and/or mentally and physically defeated. We may find ourselves people-pleasing our way through life, responding to everyone's needs but our own. In the process, you may feel burnout or that you have lost your own identity along the way. These experiences impact not only mind and body but our most important relationships. Together, we would aim to empower and support you to reconnect with your inner voice and find clarity in your purpose, strengths and boundaries.

I offer a down-to-earth, warm and open approach that is always non-judgmental. We work together as a team to create a tailored treatment plan and goals that fit you. In practice, I use a blend of ACT and EFT to support the compassionate exploration of self, boundary development and value-work. We do the deep work in a way that is balanced by lighter moments.

I want to commend you for taking this important step to seek support. If you believe we would make a great fit together, I would welcome you to connect with me via email. It is my pleasure to hear from you, and I wish you well on this healing journey.


Shannon Azzarello

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)

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