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Meet Our Interns

Realign Wellness Centre welcomes educational and learning opportunities to post-secondary and post-graduate students in various programs. Please feel free to reach out to Carly at to inquire about a potential placement opportunity. 

Wendy is currently a registered psychotherapist (qualifying) who is finishing her Master’s Degree in Counselling Psychotherapy at Yorkville University. Under the supervision of both Carly Reinkeluers (RP, BCN, MA, Bed, BAH) and Beth Ann Lichti (MACP, RP), she is fulfilling her Practicum hours at Realign Wellness Centre in Peterborough, ON. Wendy offers both in-person and virtual sessions.


Wendy is interested in working with individuals who are struggling to navigate any of the emotional challenges that emerge throughout adulthood. She uses person-centred and relational approaches grounded in neuropsychology that support clients to reduce anxiety and manage overwhelming emotions so that they feel stronger, more grounded, and ultimately able to make positive change in their lives. She is also a faculty member at Fleming College where she teaches in the Child and Youth Care program. Wendy has a particular interest in working with parents and caregivers who are supporting autistic or otherwise neurodivergent family members. 


Therapy sessions with Wendy are offered at a reduced rate. If you are interested in hearing more or working with Wendy, please contact Realign Wellness Centre through the Contact Us tab or for a free consultation.


Wendy Morgan

Registered Psychotherapist (Qualifying)


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