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Hello, I’m Rev. Jeanne and I like to refer to myself as Soul Care Counsellor. Mental health is directly related to knowing and understanding who and what we really are! An imbalance is created within the system from forgetting who and what we are. We are a Soul first and foremost, and a human second. With this knowledge and understanding we are able to transcend the limiting beliefs and thought patterns that hold us as victims.

I have been studying Metaphysical and Spiritual concepts, and beliefs for over 30 years. I have a Doctoral Degree in Metaphysical Science along with a Bachelor's Degree in Metaphysical Ministry, and a Metaphysical Practitioner Degree.

 I offer Transpersonal psychology which incorporates concepts, beliefs, and methods of a spiritual disciple. The main concepts of this psychology are nonduality, self-transcendence, through understanding who and what you really are, incorporating meditation, mindfulness, and self-reflection. Our reality is a reflection of our thoughts and beliefs. Our minds are very powerful and creates our world, mind over matter. The greatest power we have is the ability to change our minds!

In changing our minds, we change our outlook and understanding of reality, and life itself, from a deeper understanding, and a wider perspective. My intention is to help you come to know and understand yourself at the deepest level possible, to help you manage and understand your difficult thoughts and feelings, so they don’t manage you. 

 I know the connection between patient and counselor is important, and there must be a trust created for the overall success. I offer a non-judgmental, safe atmosphere for your healing. Your feelings of security are of the utmost importance to me.  It takes courage, will, and dedication to reclaim your life, but if you are truly dedicated, you can do it. 

I am also an Intuitive Healer and offer Reiki treatments, Spiritual/Metaphysical and Ascension counselling.

Blessings to All.

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Dr. Jeanne Logan

Minister and Doctor of Metaphysical Science

Metaphysical Practitioner 

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