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Realign Wellness Centre was created amidst the COVID-19 pandemic; a time when people needed and continue to need mental health and wellness services more than ever. Against the challenges of running a business during a pandemic, it was our mission to create a space where people feel safe, heard and welcomed for who they are and whatever they are experiencing in the moment. A place where healing, connection, and personal growth can occur.

As clinic director, Carly has made it her mission to bring together a group of hard-working entrepreneurs and independent practitioners from a variety of disciplines to create a centre that holistically meets the needs of everyday folk in the Peterborough community and surrounding areas. A one-stop-centre for wellness; where mind, body, brain and spirit can heal and realign so that people feel a greater sense of balance and alignment with who they are or who they aim to be. We are so excited for others to join in our mission and be a part of the Realign Wellness Community.
"Every being is a depth to gently swim in. How rare and beautiful it is to be alive at the same time"




  1. change or restore to a different or former position or state

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 Realign Wellness Centre Members!

Realign Wellness Centre is home to a group of professionals who share in the common vision of leading the Peterborough community towards wholeness. From our diverse backgrounds, trainings, and experiences we appreciate how difficult it can be to balance busy lives. We understand how easy it is to become misaligned with ourselves, our most important relationships, and/or our truest values. And we recognize the impact that all of this can have on mental health, physical health, and overall wellbeing. 
We welcome individuals of all ages into our community and hope they will experience Realign Wellness Centre as a safe space to:


Realign Wellness Centre Waiting Room and Reception

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