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Realign Wellness was created by a young entrepreneur and psychotherapist who had a vision for making healing a regular and normalized part of every community. Currently operating in the heart of Peterborough, Realign Wellness is a safe space for people to feel heard and welcomed for who they are and whatever they are experiencing. Places where healing, connection, and personal growth can occur from the support of mental health and wellness practitioners across variety of disciplines and healing modalities. These are spaces where neutrality is held through unconditional support, where nothing is labeled as good or bad and where love and light overpowers all pain and suffering. 

As the face of Realign Wellness, Carly has made it her mission to bring together a group of hard-working entrepreneurs and independent practitioners from a variety of mental health and wellness disciplines to create centres and spaces that holistically meet the needs of everyday folk. A spot that offers support and education on the importance of self care and wellness; where mind, body, brain and spirit can heal and realign so that people feel a greater sense of balance and alignment with who they are or who they aim to be.
"Every being is a depth to gently swim in. How rare
and beautiful it is to be alive at the same time"




  1. change or restore to a different or former position or state

Carly Reinkeluers

Come as You Are


Carly Reinkeluers, sitting among nature with rocks and trees surrounding her,
Carly Reinkeluers, sitting in a sandy, desert-like area with a bright blue sky behind her and a smile on her face.
Carly Reinkeluers in a large ice bath.
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