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Laura Dempsey

Certified Spiritual Psychology Coach
Reiki Master

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Laura is a Certified Spiritual Psychology Coach, Holy Fire III Usui Reiki Master and Author. She spent over 20 years working in Social Housing as a Tenant Support Worker, Project Manager and Property Manager. Most of that time was spent supporting, educating, and advocating for singles, seniors, and families. She worked primarily with those who experienced concurrent disorders by providing crisis support, system navigation and suicide intervention. 

In 2020 Laura left her corporate career, feeling burnt out and wanting to pursue her own healing journey and continue her education in the holistic healing field. She had spent 26 years navigating the medical system herself and found that the treatment and support available wasn’t overly helpful. She took her health into her own hands and started to explore holistic healing practices. In 2019 she received her first reiki session that was the catalyst to her true healing journey. 

Since then, she has completed training in breathwork, mediumship, 2 lineal descents of reiki, spiritual psychology and business coaching. Laura believes that to truly heal we must use multiple modalities, a holistic approach, supporting the mind, body and spirit, that feel aligned and supportive. To first and for most understand the power and science of our minds and our ability to intuitively know exactly what we need to heal and to live a life full of passion and purpose. 

In her reiki sessions Laura brings a unique style, tapping into her mediumship and intuitive abilities to help direct energy more effectively and guide the client through the session to clear blocked chakras, move stagnant and blocked energy to support their individual self growth and healing needs.

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