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Relationship Therapy

The quality of our relationships with others has a noticeable impact on our overall health and well-being. Knowing that, relationship therapy offers a safe space for couples to engage in intentional conversations with the guidance and support of a therapist. Conversations meant to check-in and deepen your connection when things are going well; or to work through issues, improve communication, and move towards healing and reconnection. Building on or strengthening these significant relationships to feel safe, secure and supportive can make it easier to manage life’s struggles on your own and/or together. The Psychotherapists at Realign Wellness Centre that work with couples have different therapeutic approaches and styles, offering you and your partner a choice of who would be the best fit.

*All of the therapists at Realign Wellness Centre are currently offering both virtual and in-office sessions. More information about each of their service offerings can be accessed on their individual pages and through consultation with them*

Click on the "Learn More" button beside the profiles below to learn more about their practice, services, and how to contact them for a free consultation* (*dependent on the practitioner)


Beth Ann Lichti

Registered Psychotherapist (RP)
CRPO Recognized Supervisor


Justine Haney

Registered Psychotherapist
Certified Canadian Counsellor


Dani Shaer

Registered Social Worker
Registered Clinical Therapist

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