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Rhea Eady

Registered Social Worker
Trauma and EMDR Trained

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Rhea is a Registered Social Worker who holds a Master of Social Work from the University of Windsor. Rhea supports those who yearn to lead a heart-centered life. Many people she serves are curious about understanding their emotions, relationships, others & their inner worlds. 

Together, Rhea and her clients break intergenerational wounds and heal from trauma. She believes in everyone's ability to heal, and works from a whole system perspective. Perhaps symptoms of depression, anxiety, food-related relationships, body image, professional relationships, parenting, feelings of uncertainty, patterns you can’t resolve, childhood wounds or beyond. Rhea knows we all long to feel better, find balance & thrive. 

Rhea views symptoms as ways that people find relief from their problems and frames her work from the lens of "how the past is impacting the present". By acknowledging the past, processing the wounds, integrating it & moving forward, we find healing. Rhea offers an eclectic array of healing modalities. EMDR, mindfulness & somatic work to name a few. She also blends in esoteric work if you're open to it. 

You’re invited to join her; where each session begins in conversation. Rhea desires to know what you’re weathering & is happy to hold sacred space with and for you. Intuition, instinct and your wisdom are always welcome. Asking for help takes courage and acceptance, curiosity & empathy are her guiding principles.

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